Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Pages! I Play RPGs

I decided to post the shorts I like to write for my RPG characters in lieu of a standard backstory. Check them out by clicking the "RPG Writing" tab at the top, or the link here.

Nemain is a 6'6" Strix that is a Magus variant multiclass barbarian. Her favorite spell is a furious fire breath, and her best skill is her +19 to Intimidate checks. She uses them to scream at her opponents.

Coughing. Hacking. Wet, scratching tar and ash - it pools under her, blood so polluted it looks black. Every movement sends glass stabbing through her muscles, pins and needles burning in the wake of her stillness. She pulls herself up to her elbows, just enough to hack up the bile in her lungs without drowning in it. Her hair - what’s left of it - curtains her face, ash, dirt and mud hiding the color entirely. It’s matted and uneven, bloody pieces of scalp showing where it was pulled out roughly. Cuts and bruises mark the entirety of her black skin, and one ear is shorn off entirely.

She tries to push herself to her feet, but one leg is bent at an odd angle and refuses to move. With a growl, she thrusts a hand forward and claws into the dirt. She pulls, dragging herself...

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Mazhig is a black dragon half elf sorcerer that spits acid both literally and metaphorically, with a 20 in intelligence and charisma but an 11 in wisdom that makes a lot of sense in hindsight. His favorite spell is fireball and his best skill is pretty much all the Knowledge.

My name is Mahzig. And I hate traveling.

I sneer at my reflection in a river. This form is so unattractive. If it weren’t for my race’s reputation, I wouldn’t take humanoid form at all. At least I could do it to begin with. Unlike those other assholes. Probably wouldn't have seen the point if they could. Morons. Nersthom too. Letting some idiotic black dragons get the better of him. But I guess I should be glad Nersthom was an idiot. After all, it did save my life.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.
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