Thursday, November 16, 2017

Black Friday Sale and Digital Book Signing!

I'm having a digital book signing for Wildflowers, Part I: Allaha of the Mountain! 

Get my book personalized, signed and mailed to you at the discounted rate of $10 for the first 28 purchases! 

Why 28? Because that's how many physical copies of the book I have right now, so after that I will need to order more, which will raise the price to $12 to cover the cost of shipping to me - but that's still $3 off for you! 

(Unfortunately, I will have to back order in groups of $16 to make the shipping price work, so if I can't reach that number, I may have to put off getting more copies.)

I will also offer digital signatures for those who already have my book or would like to purchase the ebook at the sales rate of $1.99!


First 28 purchase get a guaranteed, signed copy of my book for $10 + S&H

If we can reach at least 16, all others will get a physical signed copy for $12 + S&H

Ebook copies with a digital signature will be sold at $1.99!

Digital signatures cost $.50 because square won't let me "sell" things for free

Sign Up at my Square Store Today!

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