Thursday, June 14, 2018

Digital Storytelling: Preparing for Video #2

So I think for my next video I’m going to create an abridged video for my first book, Allaha of the Mountain. I like doing in person skits, but I also have low access to resources (money). So, rather than try to create something that looks like it was professionally produced, I plan to embrace my low budget madness and - even though my book isn’t a comedy - making the skits more humorous than serious. This way, I want to draw more interest to the story while still entertaining an audience with a shorter, less accurate version.

It’s kind of ironic, to me, to make an abridged version of the story because the abridged version would consist of a series of interconnected skits that skip through time. The reason I find this ironic is that the rough draft for Allaha of the Mountain started as a series of “episodic” chapters that focused on what became the climax of each chapter, but lacking the character development and time spent in between each high points. Now, creating an abridged video, I need to use a script that would focus on the climax of each chapter and leave out the character development and time spent in between… each… climax…

Anyways, the scripts I’ve written so far have been written in Google Docs, but I think for this video I’m going to use an actual script writing software called YouMeScript, which automatically formats scripts. I already wrote a movie script using it, so I think it will make it easier to create a video like this. I also think I’m going to call in my friends to help out, instead of doing all the parts myself as I’ve done in videos in the past. While playing the parts myself could be funny, it would be difficult at my level of editing to include multiples of myself in the same shot.

Speaking of parts, it will also be difficult since I lack the resources (money) to hire professional actors to play the parts of the characters. So I’ll have to do the best I can, or look into using a cartoon video making service. This is still somewhat limited, since it would depend on the options available for creating avatars.

Either way, this is going to be a big project, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun. One of the “abridged” influences I’ll be looking at pretty heavily is Team Four Star, since I love their comedic style and way you can tell they love the source material, even when they acknowledge its faults.

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