Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Short Story

I've added a new short story (well, more of a novella) for a Dungeons and Dragons character! To be honest, it's the dad of one of my current characters, Kyle the tiefling bard. The story is about the aasimar Kasesi and his interesting life; how it changed from chosen one to pirate to bard, and how he came to be the father of Kyle:

“Hello, gentlemen!”

The crew turned, and immediately weapons appeared in their grip as an aasimar paladin - radiant and in full armor - stepped onto their ship.

The man chuckled, a deep, warm sound like honey. He held up his hands, “Now now, there’s no need for that - I come in peace! In fact, I have a question for all of you.”

The men and women looked at each other uneasily, no one moving as the blue-skinned man cupped his chin in amusement. The aasimar shook his head, and walked over to a railing to casually lean back on it.

“You see, I have this problem,” he started, putting his palms together, “I’m supposed to be this… chosen one thing, you know, stop some big evil or something, the usual,” he waved a hand dismissively, then put his hands back on bannister and leaned back with a heavy sigh, “Which is a very sticky situation, considering I have absolutely no interest in it.”

“That is a… sticky situation.”

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