Pale green background. Script text in red on top reads [Wildflowers, Part I: Allaha of the Mountain]. A white woman with many freckles is laying down, eyes closed and looking uncomfortable. Her long orange hair spreads out arouns her. She is wearing partial plate armor, and a red tabbard with a silver crescent moon emblazoned on the chest. Her armor also has red accents. Next to her is a sword matching the style of her armor. Loose roses and leaves are spread out around her head. Bottom text reads [By, Aurora Lee Thornton].

Wildflowers, Part I:

Allaha of the Mountain

Allaha is a knight of the Order of Aisha, Fallen of the Mountain. She – like her fellows – is stoic and reserved, trained to fight against demons and their ilk. When she triggers a vision that kills a renowned oracle, she is set on a quest to complete the prophecy.

She becomes the protector of those mentioned in the prophecy.

Tamara is a young woman of the Menori – a migrant people that travel in caravans. She is also a hamalakh, able to sense the emotions of others as well as sense falsehoods. She is sometimes wise beyond her years, but at other times her youth can cause her to draw incorrect conclusions.

Hibu, a sorcerer, is from the country of Jeongwon – a land where the nobility are worshipped as gods. He was the personal sorcerer of Prince Ji – a testament to the strength of his powers. He is ever curious and seeking new knowledge, questioning all the people they meet on their journey. He is joined by his demon familiar, Goric.

Karejakal was orphaned by the death of his entire clan – but his mastak powers gave him the ability to keep their spirits close. Still a child, Karej is a Tibu – a race of cat people that walk upright. Learning of his people from the spirits of his clan, the child has adopted Allaha as his mother.

Together, they travel the land of Magdra, seeking answers to a broken prophecy wherein they only know two things – that a darkness is coming, and that they are meant to stop it. All they need to discover now is how to do it.

Content warnings: Bad language, implied sex, sexual language, molestation, descriptions of past abuse, graphic violence, references to slavery