All or None

Art by the Author

The Fool - Ruelop

The genderfluid deity of feywyld magic, Ruelop

The Magician - Pelzz

The agender deity of arcane magic, Pelzz

The High Priestess - Forea

The nonbinary woman goddess of elemental magic, Forea

The Empress - Radzmia

The head of the pantheon and goddess divine magic, Radzmia

The Emperor - Guulruf

The god of infernal magic, Guulruf

The Hierophant - Royiora

The infamous All Mage, Royiora

The Lovers - Lian and Korila

Lian and Korila as The Lovers

The Champion

Hult taking the place of The Chariot tarot card as The Champion

Strength - Fali

Fali as Strength

The Hermit - Kalo

Kalo as The Hermit

The Wheel of Fortune

Xia as The Wheel of Fortune

Class photo

Institute's Null Cass, from left to right: Grio, Hult, Kalo, Tulla, and Dret

Lean on Me

Hult and Kalo after graduation


Royiora at a certain point in the book

An illustration of a group of devil-like people.

The Institute’s Null Dorm, from left to right: Grio, Hult, Kalo, Tulla, and Dret.

An illustration of a purple-skinned devil-like woman looking in amusement at a Black man in medieval

Fali showing Hult a dance known as the stellaro.

An illustration of a red-skinned devil-like man and a white man with black hair lounging on a wicker

Roy and Kalo enjoying a beach holiday 4-5 years after All or None.

A sketched diagram of ear and tail motions as they relate to emotions.

Healvithi ear and tail motions.

An illustrated collage of a white man with short black hair and a white woman with long red hair.

Lian and Korila.

Commissioned Art

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Kalo and Roy By Revolocities

unnamed (2)

Roy and Kalo by Alex Boake


Kalo and Grio by Catherineese

7 (2)

Ratti and Vreati by Christopher Eric Chant


Hult by Christopher Eric Chant