Wildflowers, Part I:


Convicts, bounty hunters, and spies - seemingly disconnected groups working towards the same goal.

Allaha and Goric are on the run from the Sanctum, traveling for days on end with little rest. They run into friends old and new on their flight, and the former knight tries to get the demon to open up about what he knows.

In another part of the world, a mismatched but famous bounty hunter team work together to bring in a variety of criminals and low lives. During the course of their partnership, they begin to learn more about - and from - each other.

Meanwhile, Alistair, Tamara, and Karejakal team up to follow after Allaha. After some initial missteps, they get help from an old acquaintance and manage to get on the right track.

The world of Magdra is changing - and the one person that seems to know why has yet to reveal it.

Content warnings: Language, slavery and references to, talk of suicide attempts, sexual content, sexual language, graphic depictions of violence, substance abuse, references to past abuse, misnaming, psychological abuse