Aurora is the author of the Wildflowers books, a series of queer fantasy novels. Allaha of the Mountain (book 1) follows a lady knight named Allaha and an unlikely group of allies on a quest to uncover a prophecy. Dandy (book 2) continues Allaha’s adventures but also follows an unlikely pair of bounty hunters.

Aurora likes books. (A lot.) She’s been reading and writing since kindergarten and hasn’t yet tired of them. From cyberpunk to high fantasy, she indiscriminately devours all forms of genre fiction: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books sit next to Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series her shelf of favorite books. (Well, not exactly physically as she sorts her books by genre first, but you understand her meaning).

The one thing that has always captured her interest and stayed close to her heart, however, is dragons. If you have any dragon sightings you would like to share, she’d love to hear about them on the contact page.

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