Ethics Statement

This blog is run on Google’s Blogger platform, and YouTube is also owned by Google, which means that users and visitors to either/both are subjected to Google’s privacy policy. I also use Google Analytics to track blog related statistics, such as where my visitors are coming from. While I do not personally store, give, or sell this information to any third parties, Google’s privacy policy states that it does. I also use Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel in order to track nonattributable analytics, which I do not personally store, give, or sell to third parties but Google or Facebook might.

I will always respect copyright and attribute content to their original creators. If I make reference to research or comments made by other content creators, I will always do my best to cite my sources and link back to the original content location. I will mainly be using open source materials for applications, services, and content, but if I need use or information from a monetized source, I will pay for that use.

I am only as good as my sources - though I mainly stick to my books, I may in the future share an opinion on a social or cultural event or aspect relating to these books. In that case, I will do my best to use reliable sources and do research before forming and sharing an opinion. My opinion my change as new information comes to light - in that case, it was not my intention to be deceptive, I can only form an opinion on the information available to me at a certain point in time.

I am not perfect - not by a long shot. I will make mistakes, be it utilizing a faulty source, linking something, or forgetting to cite a source. When this happens, please send me an email at so I can quickly correct the issue, but I make no claims to getting everything right every time.

This blog contains my personal opinions and does not represent any group or organization I am affiliated with. The opinions therein are not meant to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. This blog is not affiliated with any group or organization, but if it becomes affiliated in the future, this blog only represents my personal opinions and not the opinions of affiliates.

I am not responsible nor will be held liable for content posted by commenters on this blog.

The intention of this blog is to do no harm. The opinions herein are opinions and should not be taken as fact, as they are opinions of an individual.

The intent of this blog is not to make money, but to provide a space where my readers and I can interact past the screen of a book. However, I do have to eat, so I am going to use Google AdSense to post advertisements. I am not responsible or liable for the content of advertisements shown on my blog, but if you see something you feel is inappropriate or offensive email me at so that I can get in contact with Google to try and have the content removed.

I am uncultured American swine that does not know any other languages, so all translations will be done by your browser’s translation service. I am not responsible for any change in the intent or meaning of content due to translation errors.

Lastly, due to the way American copyright laws are composed, I own the copyright to all the content generated on this blog. You have my full permission to quote or use my content provided that you give me credit and link back to either this blog or one of my social media accounts.

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