• Aurora Lee Thornton

Hello and Updates!

It has been a while since I was able to edit this site!

I lost access to my desktop for some time, as I went to Scotland to attend the University of Glasgow an obtained my MLitt in Creative writing! I didn't have a laptop, so unfortunately I wasn't able to update the site until now. I had an iPad but Wix isn't a fan of mobile for editing, ha ha.

I went through and updated my new art, and I have even more new(er) art to add later! I took off some stories I think I need to heavily rework before presenting them again, and added links to my serialized stories!

I know I haven't been very good at updating those, but I have an appointment to hopefully get ADHD meds in June/July, which I hope will allow me to set and follow an update schedule for them.

I'm also planning on starting a second Bachelor's degree in the fall, so my scheduling might get little off kilter ha ha. Anyways, that's all for me! Thanks for stopping by!

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