Star Stories Series

Star Stories takes place in an as yet unnamed secondary fantasy world where everyone has a soulmate (or two, three, four...)

The Gods


There is only one pantheon of gods found in the Star Stories world, which form the Celestial Star - as the gods have frequently walked among mortals and their plane. However, not every culture views the same deity the same way due to past interactions. 



To the North, Radzmia the Proud, Divine Mother.

Radzmia is the leader of the deities, the top point of the Celestial Star, and the larger yellow sun in their sky.

She is the goddess of the Divine plane, and her physical form reflects the duality of Divine magic. As the moon reflects sunlight, it is only another aspect of her power.

She is the patron goddess of the Shining Kingdom, ruled by the mortal member of her Celestial Court. 

The Crystal Throne is her symbol.



To the Southwest, Guulruf the Dutiful, Father of Chaos.

Guulruf is Radzmia's match, making him second in the pantheon, and the smaller red sun.

He is god of the Infernal plane, and his physical body on the mortal plane represents aspects of the various infernal peoples. He is often misunderstood by non-infernal races.

He is the patron god of Healvithi, Borkin, and the Naimbe. The Healvithi believe alithi are his chosen ones.

The Nine-pointed Star is his symbol.



To the East, Pelzz the Wise, Keeper of Knowledge

Pelzz is the oldest child of Radzmia and Guulruf.

They are the agender deity of the Arcane plane, and their physical body on the mortal plane has been optimized for their sole goal - to learn and store all knowledge in the universe.

They are the patron deity of the Domain, ruled by the Frezians, as well as the Sovilli.

Their symbol is the Obsidian Obelisk.



To the West, Forea the Heartfelt, Daughter of the Ocean

Forea is the middle child of Radzmia and Guulruf. 

She is the nonbinary woman goddess of the Elemental plane, and her physical body on the mortal plane most closely resembles her closest followers - the merfolk, whom she visit frequently.

In addition to the mer, she is the patron goddess of Morea.

The whirlpool above her underwater temple known as Forea's Eye is her symbol. 



To the Southeast, Ruelop the Rebellious, King of the Wild

Ruelop is the youngest child of Radzmia and Guulruf. 

They are the genderfluid deity of the Feywyld plane, and frequently alters his physical form on the mortal plane as it suits her. 

They are the patron deity of the feywylders, with whom they have a close and unique connection.

His symbol is the Source Spring, found in the mortal feywylds.




Healvithi are an infernal race that have been "enlightened" by the Domain. They live mainly on the southeastern part of the middle continent. 


As an infernal race, Healvithi have black blood - which also causes their soft tissues to appear gray in color. 

Healvithi are typically between 7-7.5ft in height.

Heavithi do not have pupils or irises. While the reason for this is unclear, they do have excellent night vision - as they are also nocturnal.

Healvithi have a variety of skin colors, which vary regionally. In rural areas, most Healvithi are red or orange. Coastal Healvithi tend more towards greens and yellows. Urbanites are usually blue or purple. White and black are the least common among Healvithi skin colors, and tend to appear in very localized areas.

Most Healvithi have gray hair, with black and white being uncommon but not rare. Coastal Healvithi tend to have pale blond hair.

While all Healvithi have to potential to be born with full-body freckles, it is more common among coastal Healvithi.

Healvithi have various horn shapes and sizes, usually coming in the colors of white, yellow, or black. This is the same color as their bones. 

When a Healvithi has a child with a non-Healvithi, one of two things happens. If the Healvithi parent bears the child, they appear Healvithi, but inherit the coloration of their non-Healvithi parent - even if it is not a naturally occurring Healvithi coloration. If the non-Healvithi parent bears the child, they have a more even mix of Healvithi and non-Healvithi features. 

Healvithi typically run at 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an adaptation from living in a cold environment.

Healvithi have two hearts - with the exception of twins, who are born with one heart each. Healvithi believe this is due to one soul being too large for a single body.


Healvithi feel a strong connection to nature. Their stories say that they came to be due to Guulruf breathing life into seeds. To this day, they sleep on beds of packed earth, which they refer to as pads.

Guulruf is the patron god of the Healvithi. They believe alithi - transgender/non-binary individuals - are Guulruf's chosen ones, and thus sacred. This belief extends to non-Healvithi alithi.

Healvithi live in extended family groups.

Healvithi funerals are somber affairs, where a departed loved one is buried as a spiritual leader sings dirges. Family members typically take this time to mourn and reflect on their loss.

As part of the Domain, much of the original Healvithi culture has been lost due to adopting Domain practices.


Healvithi primarily emote through ear and tail motions, which often leads to confusion when communicating with non-Healvithi.



Frezians are the ruling class of the Domain. They live mainly on the eastern continent.


As an arcane race, Frezians have silver blood - which also causes their soft tissues to appear light gray in color. 

Frezians are typically between 5-5.5ft in height standing, with a roughly equal length of additional tail.

Frezians have glowing purple irises and black sclera. 

Frezians have dark blue skin covered in mostly symmetrical glowing purple lines and swirls. Each Frezian has their own unique pattern.

Frezians have short black hair with the texture of bristles, which starts on their head and continues down their back in a tapered mane.


As followers of their patron deity, Pelzz, Frezians approach everything with as most logic and efficiency as possible. 

Cities are built in concentric squares, with buildings becoming increasingly taller and wider the closer one moves to the center.

The Domain is ruled by a triumvirate known as the Trinity - the First Head of the Trinity has final say on all decisions, but the three positions are considered equal in power.